Cyanre is South Africa’s leading provider of computer and digital forensic services.
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Cyanre - The Authority on digital forensics in Africa.

Cyanre delivers state of the art cyber forensic services through software technologies and procedures that exceed conformities of major law enforcement agencies across the globe.

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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics relates to the identification, preservation, analysis and documentation of electronic data for judicial purposes while maintaining data integrity.


E-Discovery is the identification, collection, preservation, processing, review, reporting and disclosure of electronic data in regulatory, civil and criminal environments.

Data Recovery

We specialize in recovering data from electronic devices when you are experiencing the inability to access your data due to device failures, data corruption, accidental deletion.

IT Audits

An evaluation of corporate personnel, systems, processes, projects or products. Similarly to accounting, audit concepts also exist and play a precise role in your IT environment.

Why choose us?

To date personnel of Cyanre has faced five third party experts and have never lost a case in court. Cyanre personnel have testified in 4 High Court Cases, 20-30 Regional and Magistrate courts and countless departmental hearings.

Our employees are globally recognized computer forensic experts and have advanced degrees and qualifications in Computer Science, Applied Hacking, Computer Crime Investigations, and Counter Hacking.

Cyanre maintains cutting edge software and hardware and is equipped to investigate any type of computer, operating system, or application/ program. Each person in Cyanre specializes in a different area, ensuring that Cyanre can investigate any type of electronic transgression.

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