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Data Recovery Services

We not only specialize in data recovery, we specialize in getting your life back, placing you back in business and making sure that a data crash does not mean the end of your world.

Simply put… make your problem our problem. We stop your worries and sleepless nights and get your data back! Data Loss or Data Corruption. Cyanre is a market leader, throughout Africa, in the area of Data Recovery. Our internationally qualified personnel specialize in the recovery of electronic data, irrespective of the condition of the device or cause of data loss.

What We Recover

We specialize in recovering data from electronic devices when you are experiencing the inability to access your data due to any reason, including: device or software failures, data corruption, accidental deletion, accidental or incorrect partitioning/ formatting, virus and hack attacks, and even actions of disgruntled employees.

  • Server and RAID-, SAN-, SCSI-, NAS hard disk drives.
  • Multi-boot, striped, spanned, mirrored and all other types of RAID configurations.
  • Desktop Computers and Laptops hard drives. including IDE, SATA and Solid State hard drives.
  • Backup Tapes, CDs, DVDs, ESDI, PCMCIA, and MicroDrives.
  • Compact Flash, Flash card, XD, Mini and Micro SD cards, Jet Flash, Micro MMC memory devices.
  • Memory Sticks and Cards.
  • Digital Cameras and Video Cams.
  • iPod, iPad, iPhone, and all other Apple media devices.

Our Seamless Process

We know that you are already devastated that your data might be lost, you forgot to back it up or the backup failed. We will not contribute to your worries. That’s why we offer our service to you based on the following principles aimed at ensuring your peace of mind.

  • Full recovery in as little as 1-5 days for desktops and laptops, 5-7 days for mobile devices, and 7-14 days for servers, RAID drives, and backup tapes.

We Guarantee Confidentiality of your Data

We know that your data contains confidential information regarding your business and personal life. A cornerstone of our business is maintaining the confidentiality of our clients and as such our confidentiality undertaking includes the secrecy of (but not limited to) any and all strategic, sensitive and/or confidential business, private, personal and/or privileged information, in whatsoever format and, without limitation, includes information concerning your operations, business affairs, relationships, contracts, clients, suppliers, plans, ideas, employees, expressed thoughts, processes, techniques, trade secrets, know-how, experience, goodwill, reputation and financial status and any part and/or element of the foregoing. Information will only be disclosed under legal obligation

Data Forensic Services

We know that data recovery is often required due to malicious, unethical or criminal actions. Cyanre is used regularly by institutions such as the SIU, NPA, SAPS, Auditor General and major Law Firms. Cyanre maintains cutting edge software and hardware and is equipped to investigate any type of computer, operating system and application/program. Each person in Cyanre specializes in a different area and this ensures that Cyanre can investigate any type of electronic transgression.

A Cyber Forensic Expert’s true value is not only measured on his ability to located some digital evidence but more so in his ability to successfully locate all the evidence, place the evidence in contexts for the investigator, relay findings in an expert report and successfully testify as an expert witness in any level of judicial proceeding . The expert status of a person is measured on his qualifications, experience, lecturing and work published, capacity & infrastructure, affiliation and accreditation. Measured against these standards, Cyanre is found to be a true market leader even when compared with large international legal and auditing firms.

Operating Systems & Manufacturers

Our data recovery services cover a wide spectrum of operating systems and manufacturers. Below is an abreviated list of operating systems and device brands we service. Although your device or OS may not be listed below, simply view our data recovery factsheet, request a consultation, or better yet, give us a call to speak with one of our data recovery specialists.

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