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Managed Security Services

All businesses are at risk of suffering a debilitating security incident in their IT infrastructures. Cyanre’s Managed Security Services gives businesses the ability to prevent, detect and respond in order to manage these incidents. The aim of our Managed Security Services are to limit damage, reduce recovery time and costs, establish how a breach occurred and prevent future breaches . The Cyanre Managed Security Service encompasses the following:

From the small business to large enterprise, Cyanre has a variety of audits and assessments in order to help shape, guide and maintain your IT environment.


Cyanre Security Assessments assist in determining best viable solution at a given time in order to manage the protection of information and information systems from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. The goal of a security assessment is to ensure that necessary security controls are integrated into the design and implementation of a project. The Cyanre Security Assessments are aimed at locating and identifying short comming’s and potential shortcomming’s in the security infrastructure of an organisation to not only identify areas at risk but also actual undetected current and previous breaches. Our Assessment services includes the following:

o Penetration testing
o Security Assessment
o Vulnerability Assessments
o Compromise Assessments
o Compliance Auditing (eg Tripwire)
o Application Testing
o Wireless Testing

Information Security Operations Centre (ISOC)

The Cyanre’s Information Security Operation Centre is a centralised location in South Africa from where the Cyanre SOC team use various hardware and software platforms to constantly monitor client’s IT infrastructures, in order to proactively prevent, detect and respond to any IT security incident. The Cyanre ISOC service includes the following:

o Endpoint Monitoring
o Security Event Log Monitoring
o Compliance Monitoring
o Device management and device health monitoring
o Data Loss prevention
o E-mail monitoring
o Web monitoring
o Network and traffic monitoring

Chat and Porn Assessments

ERT (Emergency Response Tool) for business and education can help employers, managers, and administrators deal with the problem of pornography in the workplace or within a school. Simply asking a HR professional, manager or IT admin to investigate a suspect computer without safety tools is no longer acceptable and potentially creates additional liabilities.

By using safety tools, the metadata information window, and reports to make a determination on the nature of a file without ever having to see the entire image or exploiting the user to explicit material.

Highly mobile and completely cross-platform compatible, ERT is the ultimate tool for performing first-response, triage, and consent searches. You can protect yourself, your employees and your company from potential legal liabilities, while boosting productivity and conserving the use of important company resources (computers, bandwidth, etc.) The initial installation, configuration, scans and reports will be done by Cyanre where after the application will be the property of the client.

Rapid Response Services

The Cyanre Incident Response team consists of highly qualified and experienced security, forensic and data recovery experts. This team is available to clients to manage incidents as well as extending and strengthening an organisations own capacity. The value lies in a multidisciplinary approach with experts in various fields who manage security incidents on a daily basis for the top blue chip companies in South Africa, including major financial institutions, law firms, government departments and others.

o Incident Response Team
o Incident Response Retainer
o Digital Forensic Services
o Data Recovery

Internet and Email Monitoring Assessments

All our basic communication today is either through our email or internet information exchange, from business to personal information runs through the internet and managing it is becoming more and more problematic.

Using our monitoring solution we can help you review the communication going in and out of your organisation. Captured analysis will assist in determining possible solution for your organisation to put in place in countering organisational information from reaching unwanted sources and help control information exchange between your users.

Policy Assessments

Performing a policy assessment is the first step in tackling the review of an existing policy portfolio, or even the development of a new single policy. Our IT Policy Assessment will allow you to:

  • Create a centralized IT policy inventory.
  • Review individual IT policies against quality criteria.
  • Assess the gap between the current and target state of the policy portfolio.
  • Evaluate and prioritize the work effort required to fill the gap.
  • Measure the impact that policy changes will have on the enterprise.
  • Identify gaps in your policy portfolio and develop a shortlist of important policies that need to be amended or created from scratch.

Spyware and Malware Assessments

We deliver a comprehensive anti-malware IT security assessment of your IT environment. We map a customer’s malware/virus exposures and threats and define it within a customer’s policies, processes, procedures, networks, technology and systems. This gives the customer the benefit of an external anti-malware review of their environment, which analyses and measures their level of virus security, versus industry standards and best practices. This high-level evaluation will provide a representative list of vulnerabilities, risks, and requirements and related recommendations.


The Cyanre team assists clients to evaluate their current cyber security environment and structure cyber defenses based on security standards inline with international requirements.