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Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Services

OSINT refers to intelligence that has been derived from publicly available sources. In short, that means any information that can legally be gathered from free, public sources about an individual or organisation.

Our OSINT services comprise of:

  • Social media investigations;
  • Comprehensive digital risk protection;
  • Cryptocurrency investigations;
  • Dark web investigations;
  • Breached credentials monitoring; and
  • Website takedowns.

Social media investigations can comprise of:

  • Constructing a social media user’s profile using his or her data;
  • Identifying links between persons of interest on social media;
  • Identifying the person behind a social media account; and
  • Tracking of social media hashtags or keywords.

Social Media sites include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and many more.

Comprehensive Digital Risk Monitoring

Social media accounts and internet sites can be monitored with the use of advanced internet monitoring tools. We can provide global coverage and curated cyber threat intelligence, finished advisories, high fidelity alerts and comprehensive in-depth attack and alert analysis.

Cryptocurrency Investigations

Tracing and ongoing monitoring of cryptocurrency transactions, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and others.

Dark Web Investigations

Search through various Darknet forums and marketplaces for user specific information.

Breached Credentials Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of credentials to get notified the moment your credentials appear on an online marketplace, forum or the dark web.

Website Takedowns

Quickly remove malicious or infringing content from websites, mobile apps and social media.