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Our MD Danny Myburgh have been inundated with radio interviews and media enquiries regarding the #Liberty hack that has been trending this week. This incident is unfortunately just one of many examples of incidents that threaten your organisation. Not all hacks will have the ripple effect that the Liberty hack does, but no one wishes to make headlines for the wrong reasons and may leave you vulnerable to litigation.

Hackers are constantly trying to find vulnerabilities in systems and at present, it appears that zero day exploits- the window in which an exploit becomes known before it can be patched or picked up is a favourite- few security platforms can protect an organisation against these.



The Liberty incident should have all organisations, large and small considering their internal systems and ask a number of high level pertinent questions in order to ensure that they are incident and litigation ready following any incident.


  • Do you have an incident response plan?
  • Do you have a comprehensive data map of your organisation?
  • Do you know what data and information you have/ where it is held/ who has access to the data and very often, what are your staff controls- this will facilitate any early case assessment process
  • Does your organisation regularly check and update their security protocols
  • Does your organisation have an Incident Response team?
  • Is your team in-house or outsourced?
  • How often is your team briefed/ updated?
  • Does the team have the requisite expertise to handle any incident?
    • Identification of the threat
    • Securing any evidence that may be relevant to future litigation
    • Give expert evidence in any litigation that may follow
    • Business continuity
    • neutralising the threat
    • mitigation of current and future risks


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